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Metal and Smith is an event for Emerging Designers who seek quality engagement. There are a lot of shows…but only one #notatradeshow.


If you've done other shows, or are not familiar with Metal + Smith prepare yourself because we are unlike most wholesale platforms. In fact Metal + Smith was created to be the "antithesis" of traditional shows.

We are a turnkey event set in an all-white, laid back, open table environment where (40) international indie designers can share their collections with editors, retailers, stylists, and influencers. Our format while focused on industry attendees also includes a retail component at the end of each day where Exhibitors can sell direct from their table, or take orders from consumers. 

As Event Producers our chief goal is to create a chic and modern atmosphere, punctuated by luxury touches, that encourages our Attendees to slow down, engage, and start a dialog with our Exhibitors.