Ambassador IO Collective

About IO Collective


1. Coffee or Vodka?


2. Why did you become a designer?

Growing up, I've always had a passion for jewelry. As a child, I remember going to Vietnam and watching my dad buy and sell fine jewelry. At the time, I never knew I was going to be in the industry, yet I was mesmerized by all the beautiful gemstones.

While working in the finance industry, I began making jewelry as a hobby, but it wasn’t until after I took private lessons from a Goldsmith in California that I decided to turn it into a real career.  There’s something incredible about creating a piece of jewelry that has so much meaning behind it.


I love knowing that my designs are associated with some of the greatest moments and memories in a person’s life.

3. Who is your ultimate muse?

Olivia Palermo

4. Where do you see your business 5 years from now?

I see my business evolving as our aesthetic evolves, and hopefully the brand will gain international recognition.

5. Why did you choose to exhibit at Metal & Smith?

I have always wanted to exhibit but didn’t want to be just "another brand” at a large, overwhelming trade show.  Metal & smith is a well-curated show that really knows how to cater to each designer, while allowing us to express our individuality.